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kelwinR+D has conducted substantial research and development in computer technologies since 1985. It's one thing to come up with ideas, but another for those ideas to reach fruition. Most of the research and development conducted by kelwinR+D has found its way into successful, highly polished products.

- HyperActive

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- Research + Development Portfolio

Working with companies including IBM, Reuters, BBC Worldwide and others, kelwinR+D has worked at the forefront for many years, always embracing the very latest thinking of the time and moving it forward, sometimes in radically new directions.

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Research and Development

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- Multimedia

kelwinR+D has worked on some of the most innovative and best-selling multimedia productions for world-class clients.

Titles worked on include the best-selling Tweenies Ready to Play, Teletubbies Favourite Games, Noddy Let's Get Ready for School (a BAFTA winner), Wallace & Gromit, Pingu, Rotten Ralph, Yoho Ahoy, SMart, The Really Wild Show, Top of the Pops, The Human Body, Only Fools & Horses, The Fast Show, Black Adder and Fawlty Towers for BBC Worldwide.

kelwinR+D has also worked on multimedia productions for IBM, Manchester United TV (MUTV) and Virgin Games amongst others and developed the United Kingdom's first interactive real estate marketing system.


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- Websites

kelwinR+D has additionally designed and produced a number of high profile websites over the years, many of them for world-class clients.

We use our own Content Management System that's been custom designed and refined over the years to ensure standards-complient, error-free web content that's highly search engine optimized. Websites produced with our custom SEO system consistently achieve high search rankings.

Web sites

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